Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coffee, coffee, coffee

"Please Luke. Please, please, please," Lorelai begged.
"How many cups have you had this morning?" Luke asked.
"None," she responded quickly.
"Plus?" he pressed.
"Five, but yours is better."
"You have a problem," he warned.
"Yes, I do."

I thought it was only appropriate to start this blog detailing life as we know it in relation to the Gilmore Girls with the opening dialogue from the very first episode, with something both Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are rarely seen without: a cup of coffee.

Whether they are at home in their kitchen, heading into Luke's Diner, talking with Sookie at the Independence and Dragonfly Inns or enjoying pie and rum balls at a Stars Hollow bakery, the Gilmore Girls can almost always seen drinking, pouring, making or asking for a cup of coffee.

If a situation like the scene described above occurs, Lorelai awards the giver of coffee with high praise. (In this case, she ended up calling Luke an angel taking the compliment as far as saying he had wings.)

And if the coffee tastes bad or is in too small of a cup, audiences are sure to hear about it. The infamous Gilmore Girls can never go without their morning caffeine fix.

"Coffee, coffee, coffee is a saying, like an exaggeration. It's a funny, desperate cry for caffeine. It's just my thing cause everybody knows I drink a lot of coffee, so the day can't start until I've had my morning jolt. It's a bit, my bit."

Lorelai says this quote during her conversation with a server in one of the town bakeries from an episode in season five, and it gives way to the extreme need Lorelai possesses for coffee and the reason why I titled this blog "coffee, coffee, coffee."

Of course Luke sees Lorelai's coffee addicition as a problem, but a morning caffeine jolt has become routine for so many people in today's world. And it may not be as much of a problem as Luke might think.

I've always loved the sound of a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning. It's too bad I don't like coffee. The smell of coffee is incredible, but the thought of drinking it is one way I'll never be able to relate to the Gilmore Girls. For many others, however, they have no problem putting themselves into Lorelai and Rory's coffee drinking scenarios.

According to E-Imports, about 150 million Americans, half of the United States population, drink coffee everyday. Plus, the average coffee drive-thru business sells 200-300 coffee beverages a day, they said. That's a lot of coffee.

And all that coffee can actually benefit our health. Diseases like colon cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's in addition to other conditions like asthma, mood disorders and headaches can all be prevented and managed by coffee, according to WebMD. Yes, coffee.

Of course downing six cups every morning like Lorelai Gilmore isn't the best idea; however, the caffeine in coffee does have its benefits.

So the next time you are debating whether to have another cup of coffee, think of the Gilmore Girls and the enjoyment they receive from daily doses of coffee. And don't feel guilty about following their example because your decision could actually be a smart one for your health.

Again I say, I wish I liked coffee.

Spilling the Beans,


Godslilblonde said...

I must say I am like the Gilmore girls in the sense that I have a caffeine addiction and love coffee also. I think some of her wittiest comments are about coffee. I love how energized her character is and I think it is contributed by the coffee. I also must say that it is awesome what coffee can do for you health wise.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think that the "best of the best" is wallowing with your mom or daughter as the case might be, drinking a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate if you prefer because in all three cases you are spending time sharing your life with someone who loves you more than you could ever know.

liba said...

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